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Optimizing Your Website for Conversion

We know the inbound marketing structure incorporates creating a website with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. This SEO attracts clients to your site all off their own search initiative. Now the next step is converting your visitor into a lead. This is known as conversion rate or conversion rate optimization and is most important to see the ROI in your site. A lot of creative time and money has been put into your website, it is now best to optimize your site by following these steps.

1. Website Layout- Clear- Concise- Simple

With more traffic to the site, website layout will be important to record and track leads. Keep it simple with website layouts that include a fresh and inviting homepage that is easy for users to navigate to their appropriate pathways. Also, properly designed landing pages for each key product or service. Each landing page should feature your primary message, secondary message, supporting visual elements and a clear call to action. Users spend more time on mobile platforms then desktop so make sure the site is mobile friendly.

Other things to consider for your landing pages:

      • Testimonials
      • Examples
      • Reviews

2. Calls to Action

For the users that are being attracted, make sure there is some action they are being asked to do. These are called CTAs or calls to action.  Your website should have primary and secondary calls to action on every page. Specifically, for the customer to engage in your services or give contact info. Examples would be like the following:

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This is so there will be a directive which is descriptive and informative with urgent language that is creative that guides the user to the next step.

We hope this helps to show you some better options to conversion.

-Kevin Jose