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This post is about working with a graphic design team. It includes the items necessary to get your design project off the ground. As your graphic design team, we are problem solvers, but we are not magicians so we do need input and content from the client at times. Between structured information gathering and vision we help with presenting to your audience in a visual medium. This is done through messaging and delivery of goals and initiatives.

Things to consider:


Images are important to visual story telling. Will most of the images have need to be taken by a photographer? Will you be providing them? Will we need to use stock images?


Who will be providing the copy for the project? Will if be someone on your staff, an independent copywriter or your design team? Keep in mind most designers are not writers, nor can they fully grasp the details of your services or products without some feedback from your organization.

Market Segment:

You should be able to provide feedback to your designer about who the intended consumer of the project is. Are they old? Youn? Female? Etc.

Medium Used:

Do you have an idea in mind on the type of medium you will be using and the potential size? (ex: tri-fold, banner, ebook)?


When do you desire for your project to be completed?

Type of Project and Necessities:

Is it an event for example? What should be included in the graphic design? Is there a necessity of the project? Does a Logo need to be created?


The overall goal should be addressing your target audience. What does it need to say? What is the general location/ area of audience

Call to action:

What is the intended next step of the piece? To view your website? Give you a call?

Most of the design work is felt before pen goes to canvas. The design team you choose can therefore communicate these areas beforehand. This is so when it comes to working on your project it can be streamlined. Though, there may be a few items to address along the way. Having a full and informative preparation process will allow your design team to be more efficient and help you save time and money in the end.

Article written by Jeff Wotton:
Having worked in the marketing industry for over 10 years now, Jeff co-founded Spectrum Marketing Group in 2010. Jeff comes from a background in traditional arts and design and has extensive experience as a creative director and marketing consultant for clients in a wide array of industries.