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Enhancing Your SEO

Through Your Website Portfolio

For clients who produce tangible products, or even some that are less tangible (like us with websites for instance) have a unique opportunity to leverage a portfolio on their website. View some examples of how some of our clients are using portfolios here, here and here


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Maintaining a portfolio will help accomplish the following goals:

  1.  Improves your SEO over time – showing your work and writing descritpions that include some of your primary and secondary key words is a way to add fresh content on a regular basis to your website, thus enhancing your Search Engine Optimization over time
  2. Improves your credibility to potential customers – when a potential client or customer visits your website, its great to tell them about the wonderful houses you build, or the great solar arrays you install, of the fancy packaging you produce, but its extremely helpful to show them as well.
  3. Gives you content for social media and email marketing campaigns – maintaining a portfolio on your website will also give you content that you can re-use to publish on your social media channels, use in your email marketing campaigns etc.

Once your portfolio post has been added to your website, there are a few more steps you can take to produce even better results. 

Leveraging Your Portfolio Posts After Posting to Your Website

For our clients who are on our website hosting and support plan, we can post your portfolio content for you, all you need to do is simply email us the photos and description of the project and we will add it to your website. Although it does take time out of your day to organize and send this information, we are confident that it will pay off for you in the long run, so be sure to make this a part of your process.

Step One

Make it a Video

If you have the capabilities (or you can hire us) produce a short video to highlight your work. Once you have a video showcasing the work, you can now add the project to your YouTube page as well. Add the description of the project to the video and link it back to the portfolio post URL. 

Step two

Share it on Social

Take the URL for the portfolio post and share it to your social media accounts like facebook, twitter, linkedIn etc. Post the photos or video to Instagram. Bonus tip: you can also post it to your feed on your Google My Business listing as well.

Step three


Use the content from your portfolio post as part of your next email campaign to help educate existing and potential customers about your work.

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