The Photoshoot

Many projects have the need to undertake a photoshoot for a new initiative, design or task. When carrying out a photoshoot here are 5 tips to make sure it comes out amazing.

  • Chemistry is everything. Make sure your scene, indoors or outdoors, has a lot of factors that will bring out something unique from the shoot.
  • Don’t waste time taking a professional photo in the wrong outfit. Be sure to shine with an outfit that personifies the scene, your objective and your qualities.
  • Make sure the shoot has an objective you are trying to accomplish. Though you should be organic as possible with your poses, have an overall objective to avoid wasted time taking random shots with the photographer.
  • There are many times you may want to imitate another model in your shoot, but unless it is the objective, it’s not the best direction. Be you.
  • Photographers have a great perspective on many poses, scenes and outfit suggestions. They are your true partner in the shoot as well.

Have fun and enjoy your time with your chosen photographer! We hope these suggestions aide in your photoshoot.

-Kevin Jose