We’re Hitting the Road!

This summer, we’re hitting the road and bringing our expertise and advice on the road. We’re doing it in cooperation with the  Southeast Regional Office of the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, Wareham Community & Economic Development Authority and the Cape Cod Canal Chamber of Commerce.

Our two presentations, How to Build an Effective Small Business Website and Media Buying for Today’s Marketing will be held at the Wareham Town Hall auditorium.

How to Build an Effective Small Business Website
Wednesday, June 24, 8 am-9:30 am

Learn all of the elements that should go into the web design process from the professionals at Spectrum Marketing Group. How to build your website with your target market’s interest in mind; to be mobile responsive, search engine friendly and the advantages of content management systems.

We will also cover how to attract more visitors and improve conversion ratios, the launch process of registering and verifying with search engines and, how to
install and monitor analytic software such as Google Analytics.

FEE: Free to local business people

Media Buying for Today’s Marketing
Wednesday, August 5, 8 am-9:30 am

The new way to buy media is called Programmatic Media Buying and, it’s thehottest thing in marketing and advertising! It’s online display advertising that is highly targeted, easily measured and can be fully optimized based on specified criteria. It means – advertising where your prospects already are!

That’s right. You can really target your advertising. You can actually measure the results. And, your advertising message or branding can be optimized (digital talk for made to be effective).

FEE: Free to local business people

Presenters will include… 

Jason Almeida – Jason brings a lot of experience to Spectrum Marketing Group. Jason has a background in traditional advertising, marketing, web design and internet marketing.

Jeffrey Wotton – Jeff has been working in the advertising and marketing field for over ten years now. He brings a diverse skill set to the team with experience in both traditional and online advertising. Jeffrey has undergone extensive training with Google and become a local expert in search engine marketing.

Ron Fortier – Ron worked for various agencies in the South Coast and, has operated his own advertising agency and consulting businesses in New Bedford for the better part of three decades before joining Spectrum. He is an adjunct marketing instructor at the Charlton College of Business at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.


Please contact Anne Fenton at the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center at 508.673.9783 Ext. 11 

How to build an effective small business website

Learn all of the elements that should go into the web design process from the professionals at Spectrum Marketing Group. How to build your website with your target market’s interest in mind; to be mobile responsive, search engine friendly and the advantages of content management systems.

We will also cover how to attract more visitors and improve conversion ratios, the launch process of registering and verifying with search engines and, how to install and monitor analytic software such as Google Analytics.

June 24th 8-9:30 am

Lindseys Restaurant in Wareham MA
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Branded Web Video – What’s It All About

Here’s something to think about.  Invodo, a visual commerce research company says, “92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others.” That’s today’s version of word-of-mouth!

In an article in Forbes Magazine, the author, Darcy Travlos says that “Mobile and tablet shoppers are three times as likely to view a video as laptop or desktop users.”
And, as they say in those direct response television commercials, wait, there’s more! According to ComScore the web analytics experts, “89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today.” Do you see the pattern?

The Social Media Examiner  does, “76 percent of marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog integration.”

Former president Bill Clinton reminded himself daily that. “It’s the economy stupid!” Yeah, it is video and it’s not a stupid fad or trend. It’s not only here to stay, it’s the rising star in digital media marketing.

Why? People don’t read. At best they skim. They read for pleasure but if they’re consumers who are looking to buy or ready to buy – just tell them what’s in it for them. It’s that simple! Do it with Branded Web video – your story (brand) in video applied to the many aspects of the web.

Where do we fit in?
We will create an effective branded web video to introduce, establish and promote your product or service on your website, as well as, the best sites the internet has to offer. We don’t promote a one size fits all strategy. There is no single way to do it.

However, with your reasonable, well thought out and articulated goals and expectations, we can assist you to concept, produce and place an effective branded web video. Let’s start with what solution your product or service promises.

We’ll craft a short, memorable story that easily explains your value proposition to a specified target market, and an engaging offer or call to action that will result in achievable goals. What kind of goals? Realistic goals can be as simple as creating brand awareness or selling product.

What other value can you offer? How about, “I didn’t know about that kind of usable information!” How about just making it memorable by making viewers laugh or, mining their feelings and emotions?

Where do you fit in?
As a client, know what you want and being flexible, as well as, allowing us some leeway will go a long way when we begin to produce your video. As long as we’re all in the same book and on the same page we’ll be better able to address what your customers want or don’t want; whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

We can address both your B2B or B2C needs just as effectively by directly addressing what the target viewers want to hear and see. Illustrating problems they’re experiencing or “bonding” with them over a particular universal interest will not only get their attention and keep their interest, it’ll also engage them enough to elicit their comments or views and embolden them to share what they’ve just experiences through liking, tweeting and other forms of social sharing.

Don’t worry about the rules. There really aren’t any, unless of course, you take into consideration that regardless of length or placement, your message should stick to being unique in some way, informative, entertaining and memorable. And, once again, let’s not forget engaging.

How’s this all work?
In short, we’ll help you do whatever it takes to create a video that has only one goal – providing value to the viewer. We’ll be able to do that if we’re allowed to keep in mind that it’s all about the consumer who is only really interested in what’s in it for them. And, the best way to do it is with a story where the prospect has a part.

What will it cost? As much as it should based on the complexity of the story however, the more it costs doesn’t actually correlate to what its value as a marketing tool is. We can produce a simple 10-second pre-roll video far only $000. But, that’s only the beginning placing, distributing and marketing is next.

We provide you with the on-target and re-targeted digital marketing you need to get your video out there. Payment for placing these videos is through paid views offering you viewer statistics and qualified prospects you want.

The statistic or numbers show potential viewers how many previous view the video has generated. In other words; how popular it is. Reaching qualified prospects will result in them sharing the video with other, like-minded prospects. Better yet, clicking to buy what’s being advertised.

Is your business ready for its close up and personal view by highly interested and qualified prospects and buyers?  Call us – let’s talk!

Media Buying for Today’s Business – Ah, to Be Where Your Customers Are!

Okay, it’s called Programmatic Media Buying.  And, although it sounds like something you can’t wrap your head around, it’s the hottest thing in marketing and advertising!  What is it? It’s online display advertising on the most targeted level you could imagine.

That you can understand.  This is also easy to understand – it’s very targeted, easily measured and highly successful especially when it’s based on specific demographic, behavioral and geographic criteria. It means, finally advertising directly to who your prospects are, where they are and what they’re looking for!  

That’s right.  You can really target your advertising.  You can actually measure the results. And, your advertising message or branding, if well-concepted and executed, will make your campaign most effective. 

The first time we presented this to a client, they said, “That’s what we’ve always wanted!”  Who wouldn’t? Imagine being able to spend a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand buying advertising.

Better yet, imagine having your display ad or video appear where your prospects are instead of where you think they might be.  And, the best part, you can see the results, make necessary changes and measure your success during your campaign instead of waiting for it to end and do the post-mortem.

It’s not voodoo – it’s science!  But, before I go any further, if you’d like to know more about digital marketing and Programmatic Media Buying, we can explain it to you.  But first, you really need to know where and how to begin.

What you may think you know about marketing your company may no longer apply. And, if you know that you don’t know anything about it, you shouldn’t feel alone. More than three quarters of today’s businesses don’t know what they need to know or have no viable digital strategy.

If your in business, your web presence is very important.  Just having a website and Facebook page just isn’t enough. You have to determine whether or not you want to be among the one in four businesses in your DMA (Designated Market Area) whose success is driven by a well thought out digital marketing strategy that’s supported by a targeted Programmatic Media Buy.

Here’s what you need to do. Determine where your sales, growth potential or brand recognition stands right now. Ask yourself if you want to improve your situation and how much time and investment you’re willing to earmark in order to reach a goal you feel you can reach.

Do you have a strategy? What is it? How about a goal? If your goal is to increase sales, you’re already off to a bad start. Why? Because more than likely, you haven’t determined what the reason, or purpose that is really behind that goal.

There are so many ways of increasing sales and not all of them include getting new customers – we should talk! Once you determine what you want, you first need to evaluate whether or not you have a web presence. No, having a website isn’t enough.

Neither is having a Facebook page.  How many Likes does it take to convert into a single sale anyway? Do you know? What is important is knowing whether or not your website is mobile-friendly!

Since more than half of the world accesses the internet on their mobile devices, it’s a good idea to see if your current website is responsive – you know, mobile-friendly.  A responsive website is a site that is easily navigable on a small screen like a smartphone. Check it out yourself at www.mobiletest.me

Once upon a time, some really smart guy named Marshall McLuhan said that “The medium is the message.” Think about it. Your digital media marketing message will be delivered and displayed on the Internet.  What’s that mean?  

It means you have to create a compelling and engaging message or value proposition that not only speaks to your targeted audience – it also has to be share-worthy. The message then is the content.

If you have been optimizing your web presence with a well thought out SEO plan, then you know how important content is.  Content is bait!

There is so much more you need to know.  So, call us or use our contact form to let us know you’re interested.  We’ll get back to you and set up an appointment to discuss how we can help you build the business you’ve always wanted.

When we meet, we’ll have a discussion about your advertising needs and marketing goals. We’ll also show you how we can work with you to identify your objectives.  Remember, it all has to start with your website.  

So, go to www.mobiletest.me and see for yourself. Then, when we meet, we’ll show you how we can create a mobile-friendly website to assure that it will accommodate a wide range of devices from desktop and laptop computers to tablets and mobile phones.

Here’s another reason why this is importantAs of April 21, 2015 – Google will be expanding, “…our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

Go ahead! Checkout your website’s mobile-friendly responsiveness and fill out that contact form and you’ll be well prepared to discover what Programmatic Media Buying is and what it can do for your business.  

5 Reasons Why We’re Ranting About Branded Web Video!

Branded web video? What is it and why should you care? Well if the following statistics didn’t get your attention, what else would you like to know about it?

1.2 billion online videos will be viewed today alone.  Over half of consumers surveyed said that when they watch product videos they’re more confident of their online purchases.

And, oh, they’re more likely to view video using their mobile and tablet devices.  Three times more than laptop or desktop users. So, web video isn’t just the next big thing – it is the big thing

Could your business benefit from Public Relations (PR) or Public Service Announcement (PSA) Videos? Non-profits can profit from them and so can for profit businesses.  How about a video with your (company or product) brand?  

That’s right, a video, a branded web video, whose only purpose is to create a good vibe about your company, your people, your product or service. It’s also a great team-building tool and, yeah, it can also provide you some very good PR.

Teaching videos that instruct your current or potential customers on how to do something, especially if you sell the materials they need or, explaining videos that show what you do. There’s product videos that show the product up close.  

According to industry studies, over half of consumers who viewed a product video reported that they felt more confident making an online purchase after watching it. Would your sales be affected if customers were more confident?

Confident consumers return fewer items.  That also means you don’t need to make as many sales calls.  Happy and confident customers tell their friends.  Convinced yet?

What do your customers or clients have to say about you?  Would they like to share it on video? That’s right, testimonial videos tell prospective or on-the-fence customers what they’ve experienced and what they think about your enterprise or organization.

This isn’t the future. It’s happening now. Are your competitors doing it?  If your website is mostly text, it’s time to switch. If you’re still spending money on just cable television advertising, it’s time to rethink that strategy as well.

If you’re only objection is that you think video is too expensive, that’s the least of your concerns. And, oh, by the way, it’s not.

That’s REASON NUMBER ONE. Not using video to introduce your business, to inform customers and prospects and, to just plain offer anyone the value experience of your brand, is more expensive in the long run.

REASON NUMBER TWO – good video is effective video.  Effective video is well written.  It’s well purposed – it has an objective. It’s produced well.  It’s well placed and distributed where it will most likely be seen. And, it’s reasonably priced.

REASON NUMBER THREE – above all, it can be placed on your website, social media and through paid digital advertising, it can be targeted and re-targeted based on demographics, specific behavior and geography.  Better yet, it’s less expensive and more effective than traditional offline media. 

That’s where REASON NUMBER FOUR comes in, it’s easily measured.  That’s right. Your also able to tell that it’s working, where and when. Did you know that you might get some coop advertising support as well?

So, what’s REASON NUMBER FIVE? Here it is – there’s no reason why you aren’t ready to talk to us about your first branded web video project.  Unless, of course you don’t have a website.

We can help you with that, too! Contact us today and see what branded web video is all about; what’s involved and how it’s an investment that is trackable and affordable, too.  What are you waiting for?







Are Visitors to Your Website Looking or, Ready to Buy?

Most people, web browsing prospects especially, who are searching the web can be divided into two groups: Those Looking to Buy and Those Ready to Buy.  How can you tell which is which?

Those who are looking to buy have already committed themselves to finding a solution to a need, a want or a problem.  They may have no experience with a tried and true resource.  Or, they’re not happy with their current one.

Yes, these kind of prospects may be solely transactional types with no loyalty to any website or brick and mortar business.  They’re shopping on price alone.  If you have what they want for the price they’re willing to pay – you’ve got the sale   

web designers ma

One of our larger ecommerce sites!

looking to buy prospect can be converted into a relational type of customer if what they read or see or, experience on your website convinces them that they can count on you for selection, value and convenience they’ve been searching for.  

As for those prospects who are ready to buy, they’ve already made up their minds.  They’ve done their research. They know who has what they need for a price they want to pay and they’re ready to buy!  Is your business one of the finalists?

But, are they ready to buy from you?  It’s also possible that, they just transactional customers – they’re not looking for a relationship other than one based on price.  Then again, they may be looking for a relationship because they haven’t found or, don’t have any experience with a tried and true resource.  

If they do have a relationship they may have concluded that, due to more than one bad experience, there’s no longer a reason for them to be loyal.  Why? Because that source isn’t providing what they’re looking for at a price they want to pay – that’s a sale opportunity for you.

Is your website equipped to do ecommerce?  Does your website clearly present your business as the solution source?  Is it ready to convert the lookers into buyers?

Does it tell a story?  Not just a story about you, a story that speaks to them and their needs. How do you do that?

Create a great looking, easy to navigate ecommerce website. Tell lots of success stories about happy customers. Show and tell your product line.

Talk about the brands you carry or the vendors you represent with well-written and produced videos.  Offer convenience, great selection and lots of value.  Contact us and schedule a meeting to talk about how we can get you started attracting those lookers and how to best convert those who are ready to buy.