Nothing is Free, Including Facebook

Time and time again we hear business owners talk about turning to Facebook to market their business. Makes sense, there are so many active users on Facebook and its free right? Well, maybe…

Lets examine two reasons why you should re-examine your companies investment into Facebook.


We all know the term “return on investment”, lets throw a new one at you to consider, “return on effort investment.” Although creating a business page for Facebook and posting is free, your time is not.

So who is generating content for your page and who is posting to Facebook? What is that persons hourly rate worth? The amount of time that is spent Facebooking needs to be considered as in investment in time, and time as you know is not free.

The pages that have the most followers and post engagement are generally ones that are generating a lot of original content that they are feeding out through social media. And they are generally doing so more than once a day, the most popular pages post several times a day.

Then simply take a look at the amount of likes your page has, how much engagement it has, how many new prospects has it reached, and how much new business has actually been generated from all of this effort? Is your return on energy investment worth it?

The News Feed Filter

Did you know that Facebook filters how many of your followers see your posts based on their algorithm? Maybe you have noticed that although you have 1,000 fans that when you post something only “20-30 people saw this post.” Even if someone has liked your page, it is unlikely that they will see what you post.

According to a recent article by Time Magazine Facebook is currently only showing your posts to about 6% of your followers. You can read the whole article here. Why you might ask? Well, the answer is simple. Money.

Facebook is a business and like all businesses we need to make money. It may be disappointing to some but the simple fact of the matter is Facebook will no longer be an effective FREE form to help market your business. Rather if you want to use the popular social media platform to spread your message to your clients and or prospects, you will need to pay in the form of paid ads and boosted posts.

In addition to filtering your posts to your followers, Facebook is getting more stringent on what type of content they want you to post, and like Google they want you to focus on strong, original content. Gone will be the days of re-posting a popular internet meme just to get eyeballs to your page.

The irony is that we will publish this article to our social media pages. The question is how many of you will actually see it if we do not boost the post?



Web Development for Designers

We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering web development services to designers. Some designers don’t want to get bogged down in the development process for a variety of reasons, and sometimes they just need a little extra help when the to do list gets too large.

If you are a graphic designer or web designer who needs some assistance in the development of your projects then please give us a chat to discuss.

Just send us your psd files…

You can just send us your psd files for your design and we will custom program them into a WordPress website for you. Development for these projects can be done for as little as $500 per site, depending on size and complexity of the website of course.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

Don’t want your clients to know who is programming your site? No worries we can work completely behind the scenes and your client will have no idea who is working your magic.

Why WordPress?

By using WordPress it allows us, you or your client to easily make updates and changes to their website. This is our Content management system of choice.

What have you done lately?

Want to see some of our web design projects? Take a look at this link which contains a partial list of some of our web development projects.

Numbers Don’t Lie…

…sometimes we use them to lie – to ourselves.  Numbers are used to identify, define and support both value and statistics.  Statistics are the tool of both sides of an argument.  Statistics offer the fundamental truths we wish to believe.  Statistically; red cars get more speeding tickets.

The only statistic reality having to do with the color red is that red is one of the most popular car colors and subsequently; there are more red cars manufactured than cars in other colors.  But, there are also more gray, silver, black and white cars than there are red cars.  Mark Twain did say there are, “…lies, damned lies ad statistics.”

The point of all this is to get you to think about what you need to do to promote your business to get the attention of prospective customers.  A statistic is a numerical value.   And, some words represent numerical values.  Foe example, what do the following words really mean: on average, accurate, fastest or biggest?

These words take on a specific meaning or carry more weight in the decision making process.  On average for example.   Applied to a performance statistic it means middling.  If a numerical value were assigned to it, it would be half or 50%.   Accurate.  Or, as the British say, “spot on” is, statistically hitting the mark close to 100% of the time.  What is the mark?  It was a goal identified by a number.

Fastest.  This word isn’t just about speed.  It’s about making or breaking  a record – a statistic.  As for biggest, it is similar to fastest in that it represents a statistical mark.  Call us.  Among other things, we’ll help you to write  your business promise.  Your business promise is the answer to the universal consumer question: what’s in it for me? 

What’s in it for you?  We’ll help you to identify, define and support a  value promise (slogan) that is better than average.