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marketing agency cape cod maSpectrum Marketing Group is a multimedia marketing and consulting agency located in MA. We are a group of professionals who help businesses, civic organizations and non-profits to better leverage their marketing efforts. If you are looking for a marketing agency Cape Cod MA then look no further.

We are located just over the bridge in historic New Bedford. We have several clients on the Cape and frequent the Cape on a regular basis. If you are looking for a marketing agency Cape Cod MA, that does not mean you have to pay Cape Cod prices, for professional results.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

If you are looking for some professional marketing assistance then please feel free to contact us. We are happy visit your place of business and offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your options.

Marketing to Your Targets and THEIR Personalities

By Jason Almeida

On the journey to marketing success, a business must always have a target market. But is a target market enough to make sure the marketing tactics and campaigns are delivering the correct message? The answer is probably not. When beginning a new campaign aimed at growing sales for a particular product or brand, we must know the target market and look a bit deeper into who that target market is, or at least who the “typical” target is. When considering your next project launch, here are some steps, and some personality types to look out for and consider when marketing.

1.) Establish your target market – here is where your marketing firm should use some data and work with you to determine who the product or brand ideally should be marketed to. Demographics, Geographics, and all other data is considered.

2,) GO DEEPER – now that you have the target, what are the CHARACTER/PERSONALITY TYPES that may make up much of that market. Example – your selling cat toys, your target market is likely families, and more female than male. So are you marketing to males with active lifestyles and aggressive personalities? Probably not…   You are not marketing to project “Cool”, or “Badass”, you are marketing to project “content”, “responsible”, “care”,& “fun”. Below are some brand types, and consumer types to consider when for your next project. Hope this helps, and if looking to start a new project or just better position your current marketing, contact us here.

Here are 6 types of brands people connect with:

  • Cool
  • Sociable
  • Status
  • Care
  • Respect
  • Reassurance

Consumers often fall into category types as well:

  • Social Butterflies
  • Cool Hunters
  • Badgewearers
  • Responsibles
  • Play It Safes
  • Respect Commanders


Want to boost online video viewing?

by Jason Almeida / Boosting Online Video through YouTube Subscribe Buttons

Many businesses can benefit from the use of video to capture what makes them unique. Taking the time, money, and effort, to do some is often a challenge for small businesses, and then driving traffic to the videos further the challenge. Fortunately, YouTube has now recognized the importance for business to drive consumer to their own unique channels.

Today, YouTube has release its own set of embeddable subscribe buttons fro marketers and business owners to place on their own sites, and drive traffic to their videos. This will help increase channel subscribers, and for YouTube hope to boost traffic to paid channels. Get your buttons here:

THis is a great addition to your website, and is recommended tool to boost traffic to both your videos, website, and ultimately your bottom line.If you need further help with this addition to your site or any other web development assistance, let us know.