logo designer new bedford ma

Project Description

This logo is part of an ongoing project to re-brand the Acushnet Federal Credit Union. Despite being around for more than 60 years, the credit union never had an official logo.

The points of the compass looking graphic are actually stick figure poeple with their hands up, we made them come together to form the shape of a compass, symbolizing the community aspect of a local credit union.

We made the people come together to form the shape of a compass for two reasons, the first being the rich maritime history of the area and the second, the the word “Acushnet” is actually a Wampanoag word meaning, the rivers end. The compass points to a start referencing the rivers end of the Acushnet river.

The colors are not only a reference to the patriotic red, white and blue but are also the colors of the communities they serve. Fairhaven  and Acushnet both using blue in their school and town colors and New Bedford and Rochester using Red.

Together we combined all of these elements to form their new logo.