jeff wotton

Jeffrey Wotton
Co-founder / Marketing Consultant

Professional Life…

Jeffrey Wotton has a background in traditional art and design and he now brings a lot of those skills and techniques to the marketing world. After working directly for a couple different companies after college, Jeffrey Wotton co-founded Spectrum Marketing Group in 2010.

His goal was “To create an agency that could help SMB’s achieve professional results at affordable rates, and to help local businesses better connect with their customers and build their communities through economic development. “

He brings a diverse set of skills and experience to the table for his clients including graphic design, website design, video production, brand development and online marketing. Jeff was also awarded the Southcoast 5 Emerging Leaders award in 2017 for his continued support of his community through his professional and personal efforts. 

Personal Life…

Jeffrey grew up in Fairhaven, MA and moved to Dartmouth, MA when he was 13. He graduated from Dartmouth High School in 2001 and Keene State College in 2005. He currently resides in Fairhaven with his wife and two daughters. Some of his hobbies include playing guitar, drawing, hiking and snowboarding.