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How to Write a Value Proposition Statement

With this post we will show you how to write a value proposition statement. It’s the “why” a customer should buy from your company.  Though to your business this is evident, the benefits may not transfer to the consumer. It is why a value proposition is so important to transcend the worth of your product. For this to be done it needs to reach all levels of understanding.

Things to Consider:

    • Basic language which may not convey all the points of product worth
    • Old techniques in advertising that loses the “why”
    • Messaging which may be too complex
    • Bland advertising that doesn’t tell a specific outcome

Begin with establishing the desired outcome for your customers. Identify what they wish to successfully achieve. Ask them, give it meaning, and explain it simply. Doing so will present a value proposition that is specific. Also, one that spells out the need that is to be satisfied.

Essentials of a Good Value Proposition:

    • Results that are relatable: Where the customer’s current pain points are addressed, and how they will be improved.
    • A clear before and after with the desired outcome which consumers want.
    • Well defined benefits
    • Specific text which avoids a vague purpose
    • Defines real value

When finally sitting down to write, describe what the customer gets. To do this you really need to understand why customers are using your product. It will affect the way it is presented to prospects. They should see a difference in your product in how it solves their problem. Getting this point across keeps their attention on your service or product.

Make your value proposition plain as day and Elevator pitch length. It may be great for most value propositions where you communicate value to someone. Differentiation will help your value proposition, but only when you’re different in a way that speaks to a job a customer wants to be done.

Use your customers’ exact language and avoid catch-all language. Talk to your customers paying close attention to feedback. People like hearing from other people who have made the switch through customer testimonials. The problems are relatable, and the outcomes feel real. Using faceless, generic pull quotes will ruin the potential, however.

Your responsibility is to communicate well. You influence how customers perceive gains and losses from your product. One of the best ways to demonstrate value is to know better than anyone else what life is like before and after your product. You must convince customers that the outcome is true and well worth the effort. Communicating value means clearly defining why they should buy. The basic building blocks of a good value proposition.