The composition & layout of a new design is dependent on many variables which can be broken down into the following characteristics:

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Balance is achieved by making all elements visually equal on all sides

When balance is achieved by creating an odd number of element or where the elements are off-center

By achieving balance by making the element radiate from a central point

Proximity refers to how items are grouped and spaced on a page with the rule of thirds

This refers to lining up the top, bottom, sides or middle text

Achieve this by using the same colors, styles, shapes, or the element & principles throughout the document

Create this element by presenting the difference between items on the Page

The design knowledge above is not to be subjective just to the design. These topics also must cater to the audience or purpose of the project as well. As fluid or rigid you may want to go with the design. We hope these are present in your own design as we complete the series.