Brand Development Proposal

Spectrum Marketing Group is pleased to have the opportunity to present this proposal. The purpose and goals of engaging our services is to lay the foundation for your brand to better position you in marketplace and give your organization a clean, professional and polished image. As well as to help your organization to clearly and creatively convey its message and engage with your target audiences.

We have a proven track record and formula for helping businesses and organizations like yours to develop their brand. Spectrum Marketing Group proposes the following services to successfully achieve these objectives.

Some of our skils

Logo Design
Graphic Design
Copy Development
Video Production
Web Design & Development

Scope of Work

Logo Design

The logo is the visual foundation of your brand. You will work with your account manager and our graphic artists to design a minimum of 3 concepts for your new logo. Once one design is chosen you will get up to 6 rounds of changes to that design. Upon finalization, you will retain ownership of your logo rights and we will give you your logo in all formats you may ever need for future marketing and printing purposes.

Copy Writing

A brand is a collection of stories and images that fix your organization in the mind of the community, your existing and future customers. The writers from Unger LeBlanc Strategic Communications will meet with key staff and community members to identify and tell your stories. These will be short pieces — 250-300 words — about how the AFCU has helped people achieve their goals: a home addition to accommodate an elderly parent, a son or daughter’s first car, the expense of adopting a child, a young entrepreneur with a good idea that becomes a successful business. They will each help illustrate not only an individual product, but the overall investment the AFCU makes in its members and their families.

Style Sheet

Upon approval of the logo design we will then develop your companies branding style sheet. A style sheet will serve as the branding guide for any projects moving forward. The style sheet will have your color pallet with color codes, fonts selections and more.

Print Collateral

We will design and develop your business card templates for current and future employees. We will also design a company brochure/rack card or similar collateral piece. All future design projects can be contacted at our hourly rate of $45 per hour. Print costs not included.


Having strong visual content is crucial to this project, particularly on the website side. We will utilize whatever photography you can get us, as well as stock photography to fill in any initial gaps. But, we may want to consider having our photographer come out and capture some professional images of the location, staff, clients etc. Prices to be determined based on need and future discussion.

Website Design

there is a three-phase progressive creative process implemented in designing professional custom websites. Once we have established how you want your website to function and serve specific consumer groups and customers, we will work on the homepage and inner page mock-ups for your review and approval.

Thank you for the opportunity to present this proposal to you.

Brand Development Package – $3,000

Please Fill Out This Form if You Would Like to Proceed