Through this exercise, we hope to give a better understanding of how to write a mission statement. A mission statement is a 2-4 sentence statement describing your company’s the overall function and advantages. A mission statement is the “why” of your business strategy and its reason for being. A good mission statement is one that can both provide a vision for consumers and employees alike.

Start by writing down the following:

  • goals for your company
  • goals for your clients/customers
  • ethics that will drive your decision making
  • how you envision your company culture
  • your company’s story
  • what does your company do well
  • what does it not do well
  • what good can you do for your customers/clients

The Editing process

Now take all of these these thoughts, words, phrases and sentences and write them out into paragraph form. Now begin the process of editing down those paragraphs, keeping what you think it most important and form it into a cohesive 2-4 sentence statement.

We hope this exercise will help you to write your mission statement.