During holiday shopping it’s never too late to review marketing strategy.  Specifically, what you are doing in your marketing efforts to maximize sales during the holidays.

It’s already in many shopper’s mindsets during this time of year to increase spending for gift purchases. The key to increase sales is to provide the right marketing agenda to get consumers thinking your product or service is where this spending should be made during the holidays.

Questions to ask:

  • What is your current positioning in holiday marketing for your business?
  • In complement to your usual holiday campaign what other resources are you using to drive home incentive?
  • Is your audience being reached in the channels which they are most likely to be found?

Entering the holiday season, the initiative should still be focused on having the maximum outreach to your potential customers. In an online world that means interactive ways to meet clients. Trying out unique projects like an interactive online Christmas display can generate a lot of buzz for your product or service.

A holiday rebrand on your marketing materials can be hugely beneficial! Examples would be a gift guide, holiday specials calendar, or seasonal discounts for hot items. Try to tailor it to your specific service or business for maximum effect. Also, a rebrand of your company logo for social media and marketing outlets around the holidays is easy and increases awareness.

Try to be informative during the holiday season of company news displayed in a festive way. Depending on the line of business ask yourself what specific updates your consumers will want to know during the holidays for your business.

Example Updates Would Be:

  • Changes in Hours
  • Deadlines for customers to be aware of, if shipping items
  • Special Deals

This time of year, with customer spending try to make them feel important as well. This can be done through amazing customer service. Appreciate them for their support throughout the year.

Examples of recognition include:

  • Organizing an appreciative event
  • Giving away small freebies
  • Special messages on social media or on your website

We hope we have spotlighted the importance of holiday marketing during the holidays.