Branding in Relation to Advertising

Identity is branding!

It is how you can distinguish yourself from the pack while creating a recognizable image that reflects your values twice; towards yourself and your market.

By positioning these values, you create differentiation in your brand. You construct strong, distinct, and lasting impressions that are unique as well as identifiable; strengthening your brand.

Your brand is your image and should be treated and promoted as such.

Branding should be used to represent the qualities of your business and become your symbol of excellence. If you treat your brand with high regard, so will your current and prospective customers.

With all these elements incorporated, they can be effectively applied into your advertising to improve awareness and business.

Good branding stimulates growth within a business and identity within a community.

Advertising uses branding in forming customer relations that pertains to brand loyalty, branding strategies, and brand extension.

A well-crafted brand can create thoughts of quality or success in the customer’s minds.

Successful branding helps you to attract and retain customers, develop brand extension, and grow brand recognition while connecting your corporate values to the values of the consumer.

You want your brand to exhibit the quality and culture that you reflect. You don’t want your image to be too eccentric or have it lack the values you look to promote. A quality brand finds its niche and thrives in it.

Your brand creates a lasting image!

-Jake Marcus