A brand is something some businesses take very seriously while others don’t. Your name, your face your mannerisms are your personal brand.

People recognize your face and your name. They know you by your mannerisms; the way you speak, act and just by your posture.

A business’s brand is no different. The visual is the logo, the trademark or the brand. It’s all the same thing.

These things identify the business in as unique a way as possible. Your name identifies you as does the name of your business.


Let’s look at your logo, trademark or brand. You do have one, don’t you? What does it look like? Is it the best representation of what your business stands for or what it does? Is it appealing? And, is it used in the same manner consistently?

Imagine your signature. It should be as unique as you are. Now imagine not signing your name the same way every time. You would eventually have some issues with your bank because they couldn’t be sure of your true identity.

Your logo. Your brand has to be consistent and leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as to what it identifies and who it represents.

Take a good close, critical and analytical look at your business identity. Does it represent a successful company? Does it communicate what you are and what you do clearly to customers and prospects?

Perhaps it’s time to have your logo evaluated by a professional.


How does your business name sound? Is it easy to pronounce? Is it easy to remember? Does it match what you offer?

If you advertise on radio or use video, how your business name is pronounced is important. There’s a shoe store in town that’s been around a long time. It is a very successful business and yet, most of its clientele have never pronounced its name correctly.

This is very unusual. But in most cases, it works against a business. Sometimes as businesses become more popular and successful, their clients shorten their names for convenience. McD’s, UPS (United Parcel Service), or IMB (International Business Machine and of course, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) when that happens, you have to go with the flow as Fed Ex (Federal Express) did.

Your logo will also have to evolve with the audio nature of your name at some point. But, how about your name, right here and right now?

Does it work for you or against you? Is it time to reconsider? What are the alternatives.


How does your company act? Is it out in the public eye or hidden away? Is it a serious or a fun company? Does all of its marketing and advertising support the image of this company? A logo says who you are.

Your identity is who your customers and prospects believe you are or represent. That identity comes from all of the evidence you’ve released into the marketplace from your building signage, the look and signage on your vehicles and uniforms and so much more.

Go ahead, you can do it! Take a good hard look at your existing logo. Is that who you are Is that what you want to be?

What if you don’t have a logo? Well, today is a good day to start designing one. Your logo is a symbol of your name.

Remember, branding is so much more than just a logo. It’s an identity. Its communicating what you do, why you do it and who you’re doing it for.

Need help. Call us. Let’s talk about it. We’re Spectrum Marketing Group and we’ll work with you to develop and match your brand to a consistent branding program and helps customers identify you easily and continually identify with you!