Ever wonder where your business fits in compared to your competition. Fits in where? Fits into either your typical customer’s conscious awareness or, as to how it compares to the competition.

Let’s start with where your business fits in or, is more importantly, positioned in the mind of your typical customer. Yes, there are going to be some similarities and overlaps with how you compare with the competition.

Customers first. Are you dependable? Are you convenient? Do you provide a unique or valuable service for them? Do you represent an acceptable or greater value? Does your business or brand occupy a cubbyhole in their consciousness that says, for example, Coffee equals Sal’s Coffee Shop?

Are there other competitors that occupy that same space? And, if so, how are you ranked? Best of all? As good as? Or, better than nothing.

It’s very important that when they think of or, need or, want whatever it is you provide or represent that they think of your business first. That’s one form of positioning.

The other form or kind of positioning is within the competitive arena. How aware are you of your competition? How aware are they of you?

Do you consider your business to be or, does your competitor consider you to be, based on facts alone, the oldest, first, largest, most successful or the fastest growing? There are many other categories.

You have to own at least one. Find one. Create a statement.

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