When we tell our clients that all the websites we build are now built with responsive design, we often get the same response. What is responsive web design?

Once upon a time web designers would build websites based upon what looked good on their massive screens.

Then when the amount of time spent searching the web on mobile devices rose to the level of desktop devices web developers started making mobile websites. If someone accessed your website from a mobile device it would redirect you to the mobile version of the website.

Now, instead of designing two different sites, we design websites with what is called responsive web design. What that means is you have one website that automatically formats to whatever screen size the user is on.

Think of every section or your website whether its a photo, text block, menu etc. as a block, if you are on a desktop site we can arrange a few of those blocks side by side, if you are on mobile we now stack those blocks.

Confused? Perhaps this graphic below will help make sense of it for you.

what is responsive web design

We hope this answered the question what is responsive web design?

If you are thinking about re-designing your website, make sure it is responsive. And maybe give us a shot at it. Check out our portfolio to see some of our work.