Landing Page Relevance

Landing Page Relevance

If you are looking to generate traffic to your website by targeting keyword searches then you need to consider the relevancy of your landing page to that keyword phrase. It is amazing how many people come to us for help with their search engine marketing and tell us they want to be found for a certain keyword phrase that is no where to be found on their actual website. Before preparing your landing pages you must first identify what keyword phrases you wish to target. Lets assume you have done your keyword research and lets begin using the example that we are targeting the phrase “landing page relevance.”

Keyword Phrase:

Be sure to include the keyword phrase you wishing to target if possible in the following…

  • Your url for that page ex.
  • In your H<1>, H<2> or H<3> tags of that page (see above headline)
  • Be sure to include the keyword phrase in the text of the landing page (notice above)
  • Include it in your meta title and meta description
  • Be sure your landing page loads quickly
  • Do not use flash

We hope these tips are helpful.

Spectrum Marketing Group is a multimedia marketing agency located in New Bedford, MA. We are a group of professionals who help business owners, corporations, civic and non-profit organizations to better leverage their marketing efforts. We specialize in search engine marketing. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation, or click get a quote to fill our a brief form so we can send you a quote via email.

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Mobile Websites are Essential in Today’s Marketplace

Mobile Websites

As we develop websites for clients at Spectrum Marketing Group, creating a mobile friendly experience for users is paramount to true project completion. As the consumers in today’s marketplace evolve, the importance of mobile websites continues to grow at exponential rates. Consumers are spending more internet usage on mobile devices as well as tablets. They expect a quality experience, and expect to be able to access the information they are looking for quickly and without the fumbling their fingers through several pages of a website.

I recently came across a great study (@MarketingLand) that provided numerous statistics on consumer expectations when surfing the net on mobile devices:

How Smartphone Users Feel About the Mobile Browsing Experience

1) 96% of smartphone users have encountered sites that weren’t designed for mobile devices.

2) 67% of users are more likely to purchase a product or service from a mobile-friendly site.

3) 74% of users say they’re also more likely to return to a site in the future if it’s mobile-friendly.

4) On the other hand, 79% of users who don’t like what they find on a mobile site will go look for the information they need on another site.

5) Additionally, 52% of users said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company.

6) And even if users really like a business, 50% of users will use that business less if their site isn’t mobile-friendly.

7) 48% of users say they feel frustrated and annoyed when on sites that are poorly optimized for mobile. 36% say they feel like they’ve wasted their time when they visit those sites.

8) 48% of users that report a business’ site didn’t work well on their smartphones took it as an indication the company didn’t care about their business.


Smartphone Users’ Ideal Browsing Experience

9) 76% of users want to get location or operating hours from a mobile site.

10) 61% of users want to be able to click-to-call a business on their mobile site; 54% are looking to send an email.

11) 53% of users want to download an app on a business’ mobile site.

12) 48% of users want to be able to access a company’s social networks from their mobile site.

13) 41% of users want to be able to play a video clip from a business’ mobile site.

14) 78% of users want to be able to find what they’re looking for on a mobile site in just one or two clicks. The same percentage of users cites a desire for a search bar that’s both easy to find, and to use.

15) 76% of users want a business’ mobile site to fit the small screen of their smartphone better. 64% said they want to only scroll up and down, not left and right.

16) 69% of users called for bigger buttons that are friendlier to their fumbling fingers.

17) 74% of users want mobile sites to look clean and efficient.

18) 74% of users also cited they want the option to go to a full, non-mobile site version.

19) 73% of users want a company’s mobile site to make it easy to save information from the site for future reference.

20) 73% of users also cited a need for less long forms — forms should have few fields, and not require too much scrolling.

Is your website mobile friendly?? Would you like to rank highly when consumers search online for your product or service? Call Spectrum Marketing today at 508-990-0438 to learn more about how we can help you accomplish these goals.

Tips for Starting a New Business

tips for starting a new business

Here are some tips for starting a new business from your friends at Spectrum Marketing Group.

Develop a Plan

Sounds crazy but you cannot imagine how many people start a business without a plan. Start with this business plan template from the SBA.

Surround yourself with good people

Although your success or failure will depend upon you and only you, it pays to surround yourself with good people. Build your strategic alliances. Those are strong referral partners whom share the same customer base as you but are not direct competitors.

Spend your marketing dollars wisely

Start up capital is usually limited, especially in this economy. You cannot afford to make costly mistakes, both in terms of actual money as well as time. Wasted time on projects beyond your level of expertise can take away crucial resources from growing your business.

Protect yourself

Again we understand capital is often limited, but you must protect yourself. This means incorporating your business in the correct manner, purchasing the proper insurance and making sure you are setting up your books correctly and planning for the right amount of taxes.

Let your website be your hub

For just about every sort of business your website should be the hub of all your other marketing. All the spokes on your marketing wheel should lead back to the hub. Do not cut corners on this integral part of your marketing strategy. That does not mean you have to break the bank on your new site, but do it right. Here are some tips for creating a website.

Shameless Plug

These are just a few areas to concern yourself with when starting a new business. Here at Spectrum Marketing Group we specialize in working with new businesses to help them build their brand and give them the professional image they need. Furthermore, we have developed over the course of many years, relationships with experienced and trustworthy professionals that can help you to start your business. From attorneys, insurance companies, accountants, business coaches, lenders and more.

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10 Tips from the SBA Advice on Starting a Business Tips for starting a business

7th Annual New Bedford Oktoberfest, Saturday 3p-10p

Looking for a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon & evening. This Saturday, look no further than the 7th Annual New Bedford Oktoberfest presented by the SouthCoast Business Alliance (SCBA). The event is held at Custom House Square in downtown New Bedford starting at 3 pm, and rocking out until 10pm.

This event has become a yearly attraction for all overs of great beer, great food, and a collection of great entertainment.

Tickets are $25 at the door, but are available now for just $20. You can purchase tickets at local eateries Rose Alley Ale House & Pizan’s Pizzeria. We also have some available here at Spectrum Marketing Group. If interested in picking up tickets ahead of time at our office, contact Jason Almeida @ 774-263-2803.

This years event will help benefit Star Kids & The Children’s Advocacy Center of Bristol County.

Learn more about them: year features a spectacular music line-up of:

3:45-4:30 – Slow Burning Nuggets
4:45-5:30 – The Tree
5:45-6:30 – The Boomcats
6:45-7:30 – J. Kelley Band
7:45-8:45 – Putnam Murdock & the Insatiables
9-10 – Criss Cross Orchestra

The SCBA is an organization of ambitious, young professionals who live and work along the South Coast. As you may know, the goal of our non-profit organization is to make the South Coast a better place to live. The SCBA promotes the development of future community and business leaders by providing them with the chance to network with peers and to connect with well-established members of the community. Our focus is to groom civic-minded leaders with the ambition and knowledge to make the South Coast a better place to live and work for everyone.
To reach this end, the SCBA takes an active role in fundraising events that take place throughout the local community. The SCBA strongly believes that fundraising is a cornerstone of our organization because it allows our members to connect and give back to the local community.
Here is the event poster designed by SCBA member Nick Francis @ Franchise Studios and generously printed by our friends at Reynolds DeWalt.
poster for the Oktoberfest

WordPress Websites

WordPress WebsitesAvalon_495x400_ipad

So what’s the craze with wordpress websites? If you have a website or have been considering starting a new website you have probably heard about wordpress.

What started as the  a la cart blogging software has become a full blown web development platform that is taking over the industry. So why is wordpress so popular and should you use if for your website?

WordPress has become extremely popular as it has given developers and marketers tremendous flexibility. That is because so many developers are using the same platform there are programs, plug ins and widgets for just about everything.  What used to take web developers hours to add and create now can take minutes.

Another reason wordpress has gained in such popularity is because its use as the platform for content management. That is the ability for regular folk to manage, update and change the website them selves. This allows users quicker turnaround for updating as well as financial savings by not having to pay their webmaster to make updates.

What started off as basic blog pages with minimal flexibility on design and layout is now completely customizable. We can build websites based around themes like this one while still being able to design the background, header, color scheme, font and more.

So should you build your next website with wordpress? We think so, except for certain types of sites that are pretty rare. Most of your basic websites and even more advanced ones can be build with the wordpress platform.

So can you do it yourself? Possibly, if you know what you are doing. The free templates for wordpress do not cut it for professional businesses, you will need to invest in themes or have a custom one created for you. In most cases you are just much better off hiring somebody to do it for you.

Spectrum Marketing Group is a Web Design Firm located in New Bedford, MA.

SEO Basics

SEO Basics

Most people are completely confused by search engine optimization. Partly because there has been so much misinformation and scam artists out there, and partly because it can be pretty technical for those who are not web developers.

So, here are some SEO basics that you should check with your web master to be sure have been completed. The following are basic SEO framework techniques and will not provide you with the results of a professional SEO campaign. However, these are your first steps.

  • Clean code – be sure your site is written with the latest version
  • Meta Tags – although less relevant nowadays, still a basic step
  • Meta Descriptions – each page should contain a meta description
  • Header Tags – be sure to include keywords in <H1><H2><H3> tags
  • Gzip – Gzip your site to improve loading time
  • Don’t use flash
  • Set up google analytics
  • Submit your domain to the search engines
  • Verify your site with the search engines
  • Install an xml sitemap
  • Use great keywords! Include the service you want to grow traffic on and where you service, like this:
    • Providence Rhode Island SEO Company
      Providing Website Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Services to clients in MA, RI, and the greater Eastern seaboard.

That’s enough basic tips for now. To take your website to the next level you will need to hire a professional Search Engine Optimization Company to SEO your site for you. Feel free to contact us for a quote.