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Video is a growing and effective way to market a business and is a great way to reach prospective customers or clients. You want an eye catching finished product that will grab the attention of your target market. Making sure that you have a well made video can help improve your business. When creating a video, it is important to know the steps required to make quality content.

1: Prior to Filming

Brainstorming ideas before shooting is an important first step in filming your video. Before shooting, you want an experienced team to create and compile ideas of what needs to done in the video. Knowing what to record prior to filming is important to how your video turns out. Deciding what kind of shots are needed in your video before filming results in a quicker and more professional shoot. Being prepared for a shoot gives the filming crew more time and control to direct, benefiting your video with improved content. Preparation creates success.

2: Choosing Locations

Choosing what to film and where to film it is critical to your shoot. A good set can resonate in the minds of potential customers and clients, where a dirty, noisy, or cluttered set can discourage potential business opportunities. You want to have a clean and neat set that prioritizes the business and its’ products or services and we’ll help you reach this goal.

3: Your Story and Message

Creating an original gripping narrative or sending a unique message is a considerable way to enhance the finished product of your video. By showing a personalized angle of your business, we can help you better connect with customers and clients by relating to them. A strong message or story can resonate with your target market and can help improve relations and business with them.

4: Experienced Operators and Quality Equipment

Proper filming equipment is the most important factor in creating any video. Low resolution and bad visual quality will dissuade many potential customers or clients. A good operator with experience and a high quality video camera will dramatically improve your video content. Having quality equipment and people who know how to operate it will greatly improve the final product of your video.

5: Convincing Actors and Voice Actors

Having convincing actors or quality voice actors can improve your video considerably. Having actors who look the part is more convincing to an audience than somebody who is just thrown into the shoot. If using just a voice over, you want someone with a clear smooth voice and tone who sounds the part instead of using whoever is on set. This adds to the professionalism of the video and gives your business a more polished look in it. Poor acting or voice work can divert attention. You want the best available people to fit these roles and improve your content.

6: Lighting

Bad lighting can kill a shoot. Adequate lighting, whether natural or artificial, is essential for having a good video. Without proper lighting, video viewers are less inclined to continue watching if they feel it has poor quality lighting and cannot clearly see what the video is trying to portray. Good lighting gets attention and attention creates business opportunities.

7: Sound Quality and Minimizing Background Noise

Good sound quality is important to the final product of your video. Without it, the attention of any viewer will dwindle until they inevitably close your video. Having clear sound with no interference is needed to send a clear and concise message in your video. The ability to cancel or limit background noises is an important step in improving the overall sound quality. Avoiding high traffic and noise areas whenever possible so that your video minimizes outside interferences is critical to your videos’ success. Good sound quality can make the difference between a professional and amateur video.

8: Video Content

Making sure your video has enough quality content is vital to its’ success. Lacking enough shots in your video can greatly hurt the final product. Giving your video more quality shots gives us additional opportunities and options in creating and editing it. It is better to have too much film recorded and cut what you don’t need than to have too little and lack content. The more quality content recorded for your video the better.

9: Editing

Proper editing is an important step for finishing your video process. Sloppy editing will result in a poor final product that lacks fluidity which will make your video an ineffective marketing tool. Clean cuts and detailed choices in your editing can greatly improve your video. Choosing what to keep and cut comes down to what will be better for your business and we have the experience and expertise to help with these techniques and decisions.

10: Optimizing

After your video is complete, the final step to is to choose the best platform or platforms your video will use. Choosing which form of video communication is a key step in reaching the demographic you want to target. Our goal is for your video to reach the most prospective customers and clients. We’ll help you optimize your video for the platform or platforms best suited for your video. Whether it be on TV, Youtube, or social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter, we’ll help you reach the outlets that give your video the best opportunity to create business.

Creating an effective video can be a practical way to grow your business. There are many ways to go about creating a video and you need a team that makes the best decisions to improve your business. We have the tools and experience to help you create the video that suits your business’ needs and that will help your business grow!