FAQ’s on SEM

Here’s some answers to some FAQ’s on SEM. Also referred to as pay per click advertising or keyword advertising.

How much does it cost? The cost of campaigns varies greatly based on a few key variables. 1. Geographic Radius: The area you are trying to target, if you sell and ship products all over the world then you will certainly pay more than a local business that serves customers in a 20 mile radius. 2. Competition: Some industries are more competitive than others. Your minimum cpc bid will be determined by how many people are bidding for that same keyword in that area. 3. Quality Score: The amount you pay per click will also be determined on your quality score. Your quality score is determined on a few key factors. Keyword relevancy of your ad. Your landing page content and loading time. And historical performance in terms of your CTR on that keyword.

What is geo targeting?

Search engines can make a highly educated guess about where you are based on your IP address, although not 100% accurate, they are highly accurate. We can limit where your ads would show geographically. For instance, if you are a auto mechanic in Dartmouth, MA you would not want your ad showing when someone does a search for a mechanic in Dartmouth, NH. This allows us to reduce wasteful clicks, and serve local businesses better.

Can my competitor sit there and click on my ad all day? No. Search engine advertising programs like adwords recognize malicious clicks, they can see that a certain IP address has clicked on the ad more than once then they will no longer show the ad, and only charge you for one click per IP address.

I did a search but didn’t see my ad? There are many factors that go into who sees what ads. First is your budget, perhaps your budget has already been used up for that day. Second is your search history, if you did that search before and did not click on your ad, then they may not show it because they see it as not relevant this time. Third, is your social media history, certain results are shown based on what your friends may have shared. If you want a clean search clear your history, cookies, cache and log out of social media sites.

Is this different than SEO? Yes. Search engine marketing is the process of getting your website to appear in the organic links of a search engine results page. Although this should be your ultimate goal, SEO is more costly and can take a while before you achieve real results. A lot of web designers charge a fee when launching a website for SEO. This is most ofter for initial seo framework. If you are not paying a regular monthly fee and do not see your website on page one for keyword searches than you are not currently doing SEO.

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