Logo Design

The foundation of any brand starts with the logo. Pricing and options for logo designs vary widely across the industry. We typically will deliver 3 or 6 design options. The following is our process logo design projects.

  • Initial Consultation

    Usually done in person but also over the phone. We meet with the new client and discuss the name and inspiration for the business as well as take any direction and ideas that they may have. As well as view any logos and styles that they like.

  • Design Process

    From there one of our designers will work on a few different directions for the logo and ultimately come up with about six designs for the client to choose from.

  • Revisions

    Once the client has chosen the direction that they like from there we can make revisions to that logo whether is be color changes, font changes etc.

  • Wrap it up

    From there we will put on the finishing touches and deliver you the proper files you need to use your logo in many different formats.

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