Content Marketing Program

You have probably heard the buzz word “content marketing” by now. What is content marketing? Basically content marketing is the process of building useful and relative content on your website for customers, prospects and most importantly the search engines to view.

The idea is that with more relevant content, the higher ranking you will receive from the search engines, and thus the more traffic your website will receive. It is a content based approach to search engine optimization.

We create all of our websites with a robust content management system so our clients can update their blog easily. The problem is, how many business owners have time to maintain a blog? Very few of our clients actually have the time to manage a blog, so let our copy writer handle that for you.

Our copywriter will log into your website either once a week or twice a week and write a blog post for you. Then they will post a link to that post through the social media account of your choice.


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