This is an example of a recent print design and graphic design project we completed for iProtect Home Defense. iProtect is a new company providing intruder resistant windows and doors as well as safe rooms. We started off by re-designing their existing logo.

We then began to craft the messaging and came up with “Protect What Matters.” That phrase captures the essence of the company, as alarm systems may provide some peace of mind, their products provide defense by preventing intruders from gaining entry in the first place.

We then took two images and manipulate them in photos shop to craft the main image you see of the mom and daughter in bed with an intruder lurking in the background.

As part of this project we designed their logo, business cards, brochure, large format banner stands, as well as a demo video for display at trade shows.

Their booth was so well done in fact that it caught the attention of the local news media covering the event and became the back drop for two separate news casts. Check it out here.

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