A USP, or unique selling proposition, is a promise that delivers. Let’s break it down. U is for Unique or, like or being unlike anything else.

S is for Selling. That’s why you’re in business right, to sell? Selling is exchanging one value, like money, for something of greater value – what you do or provide for customers.

P is for Proposition. A proposition is a plan. So your company’s USP is expressing that it promises to do or provide something unlike anything or anyone else for the customer.

Here are a few examples: “The ultimate driving machine” (BMW), “When your package absolutely, positively has to get there overnight” (Fedex), “Diamonds are forever…” (DeBeers) and “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand” (M&Ms)

So, where do you start? Simple, at the beginning!


What’s unique about your company, product or service? Think of “est” words such as oldest, largest, fastest, tastiest and, sure, best.

What does that uniqueness represent for the customer? Time value? Savings value? Convenience Value? Dependability value?

Just make sure your uniqueness is actually unique. You know, unique as in hard to get, access or acquire anywhere else other than from you.


What’s the value exchange? Are they paying more but satisfied more? Are they paying less but feel they’re getting more? What is it you are selling?

Speed, dependability or a guaranteed satisfaction? How about design? Apple products are popular not just because they good products but because they’re well-designed products.

How about convenience? How about tradition? Ambience, atmosphere or environment? How about culture?

Most of these things are intangibles. They are mostly based on feelings not features.


So, what’s the plan? What’s the promise?

The plan is that they become your customers and you promise to keep delivering the quality and value they prefer above all others. You now have a relationship with a loyal customer instead of just a non-descript transaction!


Get out the old pad and pencil and start writing. List everything that’s unique about you, your company, product or service. Then make a list of all of the tangible (features such as extended hours, free shipping…) and intangible (things such as culture, environment or satisfaction) your proposition offers.

Now what’s the plan or promise? Will customers be happier, sexier, younger, healthier and so on, with you than with the competition’s brand or product?

String them all together into as many draft USPs as you can. Pick out the best.

So, take some time to think about what it is that most of your customers want and craft a proposition that promises you will deliver on that want or need.

An old Domino’s USP promised, “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.” Simple buzz words: fresh, hot, delivered, 30 minutes. Better yet, if they fail it’s on them – it’s free!

Go ahead, you can do it! Remember, a unique selling proposition is much more than just a slogan.

Need help. Call us. Let’s talk about it. We’re Spectrum Marketing Group and we’ll work with you to develop and match your promise to your customer the way they want to hear it!