Ever wonder how hunters are able to follow their quarry? By following their trail. How do they know what they’re following?

It’s simple. The quarry leaves a mark. Many marks actually. Their called prints.

Branding is about making marks. The common dictionary definition calls it a process.

That’s a very powerful word. Process, when it comes to branding your business, involves creating a unique name and image for your business and your product if you manufacture one.

A process involves consistency. Customers like consistency. Think of how you felt when some of the brands you became familiar with since childhood either disappeared or were altered.

You need to use your brand, your mark, consistently in order to own and keep your position in the marketplace. Do you have a mark? A brand? A logo?

Does its design and application reflect as well as it should on your business or product to both loyal and potential customers?

If you don’t have a brand, mark or logo; it’s probably a good thing to consider having one created. Good logos are flexible and can be applied to different media and situations from business cards, to building and truck signs and, to packaging and uniforms.

You really do need to have a professional develop your new logo or help you to revive your current one. Remember, your name is your brand and, your brand determines whether you have a differentiated presence and position in your marketplace.

Need help. Call us. Let’s talk about it. We’re Spectrum Marketing Group and we’ll work with you to develop a name, symbol or design to identify your business properly!