New Bedford, MA
We are Spectrum Marketing Group, a web design agency located in New Bedford, Ma. Web Design plays an important role in your organization, business or personal initiative. The design elements for your brand should not be taken lightly. We work with SMB’s to deliver professional results at affordable rates. We make sure from beginning to end that everything you request is completed to the best of our ability. So, if you are looking for a web designer in New Bedford, MA then look no further…

We work with our clients to incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in their website.

We also are knowledgeable of the tools to Conversion.

In the ever growing landscape of web design, we believe we are a leader in our field in the greater New Bedford area. With every project we take on we understand the importance of balancing your specific inbound and outbound approach and we tailor the website to your marketing needs, goals and budget.

Our other areas of focus including graphic design, video production and brand development works well to complement the needs of our web design clients. We are problem solvers for your marketing needs. We recognize that your website is a reflection upon your brand, we also recognize that your time is precious and that most of our clients to not have huge marketing budgets, so with that in consideration we do the best we can to assist our clients in their web design needs.

Spectrum Marketing Group is a web design agency located in New Bedford, MA. Our mission is to spur economic development in our clients communities by helping SMB’s to creatively connect with their customers because better businesses build better communities.

Article written by Jeff Wotton:

Having worked in the marketing industry for over 10 years now, Jeff co-founded Spectrum Marketing Group in 2010. Jeff comes from a background in traditional arts and design and has extensive experience as a creative director and marketing consultant for clients in a wide array of industries.