Why SEM?

Search Engine Marketing, also referred to as keyword advertising, or pay per click, is the quickest and easiest way to ensure you are listed on page one of search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches. Your ads can begin to appear in very short order in the paid ad results.

By using SEM you can be laser specific to the terms, and geographic areas where you want your ads to show, thus pre-qualifying any traffic you receive. Also, by paying per click, the amount of money you pay directly correlates to the amount of traffic you receive to your website.

Why Choose Spectrum?

Our keyword campaign manager has gone through extensive training through Google for search engine marketing services. We save our clients time by managing their campaigns for them and sparing them the extensive training it takes to fully learn how to properly utilize these programs. We save our clients’ money by constantly monitoring and optimizing your account to increase your quality score over time and decreases the amount you pay per click, thus getting you more traffic for your money.

How it works:

Using your company’s Google account, we will set up a Google AdWords account for you. We will create the campaigns and handle all of the logistics. From there we will be able to link our Google AdWords management account to your account and continue to monitor, update and optimize the campaigns from our management account.

Your ads will begin to show on page one of Google in the “sponsored links” section for relative keyword searches. It is important to note that ranking depends on many factors like budget, relevancy, geographic location, search history etc.

You will be billed a one-time set-up fee by Spectrum Marketing Group. You will be billed a quarterly support fee for regular updates and optimization to the account to enhance the performance of the campaign.

You will be billed directly by Google to your company credit card every time your account accrues $500 in costs or reaches 30 days, whichever comes first. You will be able to determine what your monthly limit is in terms of your budget.