If you have no idea where your original business logo files are or, have no access to them, we can help! Without your original business logo files, you don’t have the ability to use your logo on business cards, other printing or for use on signage.

Our basic logo repair and restoration package will digitize the cleanest printed version of your logo allowing us to reconstruct it as close to the original as possible.

Yes, we can also make some minor modifications to the logo text or the color or colors. A basic logo repair and restoration will:

  • Match* the look of your logo text as closely as possible to the original based on the image you provide us
  • Create a final vector file of your logo, which allows it to be enlarged/reduced, or as needed without loss of resolution
  • Duplicate* the original logo artwork as closely as possible
  • Supply you with a digital folder for safekeeping that includes the:
    • Final logo version with size, color and application variations
    • Restored logo in:
      • Black (positive and negative versions)
      • Single and two color versions
      • Selected logo colors in CMYK, RGB and Hex codes
    • Logo font/typeface name and font/typeface family
    • Most common file types:
      • PDF
      • JPG
      • PNG

Our basic logo repair and restoration package is only $500 and will save you time and money in the long run. Contact us today and you’ll be on your way with your own digital logo folder.

*An hourly cost may apply based on the level of repair and restoration required and/or the amount of deviation from the originally supplied logo.