Marketing is defined as the action (or business*) of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.  What is important here is focusing the connectivity of several of the keywords in the definition.

Action – For every action there is an equal and, unlike Newton’s Third Law of Physics, expected reaction.  Call it ROI or simply results if you prefer.

Business – Engaging in trade or commerce.  Buying, selling and profit.  Seems simple enough!

Promoting – Is to further the progress of something such as a product or service.  To publicize in order to create awareness, interest and desire for the product or service.

Selling – Nothing happens until something gets sold!  It is the act of exchanging one value for another; equal in the least.  A sale represents a notation in the debit column for one individual (buyer) and a credit for another (seller).

Research – Investigation, study, inquiry and examination of products, services, customers (past, present and future), as well as, the manufacturing and distribution process and, market in general.

Advertising – The act or practice of calling public attention to one’s product, service, need, etc., especially by paid online, print and broadcast announcements (advertisements) which were professionally planned, designed, and written.

Here’s a real business example about the importance of connectivity: We were contacted by a potential client who, on their own, invested in a television commercial to drive traffic to their website. Their website metrics revealed a normal amount of web traffic before the commercial aired and a spike in visits while it aired.

They were successful in driving traffic to their website. They were not happy with the results however. They felt their investment was wasted. None of the inquiries generated by their TV spot turned into the sales they had envisioned.

What was the problem? They had a call to action! The commercial directed inquiries to their website. So, what went wrong?

They failed to mention the TV offer anywhere on their website. There was a disconnection between their promise and their ability to deliver the promise. Kind of like Christmas morning and Santa doesn’t show up!

Viewers of the commercial responded by logging on to the advertised website. Then they looked, and looked, for the offer mentioned in the commercial. It wasn’t there. Well, it was.

But, it wasn’t easy to find or specific as to what it was. This business not only lost their marketing investment, they lost sales and damaged their credibility.

It was a very expensive education! It left prospects hanging and more than likely quite put off by the experience as well. Not a very good first impression.  Plus, most importantly, you can’t convert an inquiry that doesn’t exist into a sale.

*We’re in the marketing business.  When we promise that – business is better when you’re connected – it means that your profits, productivity and success are directly connected to your brand and its identity asi it should be!