What is remarketing?

Have you ever visited a website to check out a particular product or service, left that site and then noticed ads for them following you wherever you went on the web? Creepy huh? But, it got your attention didn’t it? And perhaps prompted you to revisit that website…

That creepy process of ads following you wherever you go after visiting a website is called remarketing. Basically what happens when you visit a website is we are able to capture your ip address and drop some cookies on you. That allows us to track where and when you visit various sites online, which in turn allows us to follow you with ads.

Remarketing works like this.

what is remarketing

Many companies invest money into attracting visitors to their website either through traditional advertising on online. However, the conversion rate for lead generation or sales has always been a small percentage of visitors. There are many reasons for that, some are not ready to buy, some get distracted, maybe you are not what they were looking for etc. But, it makes sense to try and re engage some of these visitors, perhaps they just weren’t ready, but now they are.

This is the reason we are proud to now offer remarketing tools for our clients. Call or email us today to find out more.