Lights! Camera! Action!

Everybody loves good commercials.  Yes, even those who say they don’t like commercials really do like commercials. 

Hey – part of the Super Bowl’s allure and over the top entertainment value is, after all, the debut of the new cutting-edge commercials.  There are probably two distinct groups of these top-notch Super Bowl commercials. 

The first group focuses on a well-crafted, engaging and memorable storyline.  The second group focuses on a well-crafted, engaging and memorable storyline presented with well executed special effects.

Many of these, as well as, other commercials are streamed over the internet and on social media sites giving the businesses they represent an extra bang for their buck.  But many mom and pop, small market business owners think they can only wish about creating their own television commercial.

Not so fast! You can afford a well-written and well-crafted television commercial.  Yes, a locally produced TV spot that is well-crafted, engaging and memorable!

At Spectrum Marketing Group, we can write, shoot and edit an excellently produced television commercial for you that is also budget friendly. Take a look at just some of the thirty-second commercials we’ve produced in our portfolio under video. 

So, are you ready to tell your story or sell your product/service, build your identity and get your sales moving? Call us about our small local business rotator spot package that allows you the opportunity to broadcast your sales message more fully by showing three versions of the same commercial. 

These same commercials can be posted on your Facebook page, Tweeted and streamed on your website and, played in your waiting room as well. Our commercial package can also be used as part of your social and digital marketing with or without having to buy a local broadcast or cablecast television schedule.

For as little as $3500, we will write, storyboard, scout location(s), on-camera talent, voice over talent and library music, as well as, shoot and edit your television commercial.

Are you ready for a national quality, locally produced, budget friendly television commercial that gets attention, holds the viewer’s interest and increases their desire for your product/service with a definitive call-to-action? 

Call us to schedule  a free, no obligation pre-production meeting at either our office or yours!