They’re all connected to sales: the first sale especially. And, regardless of what medium you choose – offline or online – you need to instantly connect. You need to connect to those who are looking to buy.

This group either has no experience buying what they’re looking for or, they have no loyalty to the last place they bought from. Why else would they be looking elsewhere? It’s up to you to make their first time a memorable experience.

If they’re not loyal to the last place they bought from It may be because they didn’t have the type of experience that would make them want to go back. Or, is price their only incentive? If that’s the case, we’ll address that in a bit.

They may also be more driven by price and availability rather than loyalty to a particular business. So, whether they’re looking to buy or ready to buy, prospective customers are out there.

Those who are ready to buy have done their research and made up their minds as to the benefits, advantages and features they want.  Their mission is now to connect to a resource. Are you that resource? And, how do you become that resource?

What are you doing to attract their eyes? What makes your product or service standout from the competition? Does your advertising communicate what you are, what you do and, why you’re the obvious best choice? How you look to customers is how you’re perceived.

What are you doing to attract their ears? Everyone loves a story. Everyone especially loves a story they can relate to and that promises a happy ending. For you, a happy ending is a sale.

Once you’re advertising has attracted them with relevant imagery or a story, you’ve begun the process of getting to their heart. Most consumers assume that their purchases are made rationally. Wrong! Most purchases are emotionally oriented. The heart tells the mind what to do.

When a customer has a change of heart, they change their mind. Most perceived barriers to a sale are thought to be rationally based; too much, too expensive or the level of quality hasn’t been demonstrated or, isn’t easily apparent.

Prove they’re wrong and the change of heart will lead to them changing their minds and reaching for their wallets. Many transactions – purchases – are made well before the consumer reaches the point of purchase.

Once a buyer is convinced of the payoff you’ve promised in your advertising, they mentally make the purchase and then physically follow it up. Your advertising, good advertising, in general, must be a combination of selling words and pictures that promises the specific solution consumers are looking for.

How about the consumers who only shop and buy on price? They are transactional and not relational buyers. They make their decisions on price for several reasons. One is either an economic necessity. And yes, for others, it’s just plain old greed. A lack of loyalty is blatantly demonstrated by the low rate of repeat sales. Why? They were either put off by their first or subsequent experiences and see no experiential differentiation between your business and your competitor’s.

So, if you want relational customers, your advertising has to connect to their eyes, ears, hearts and minds to their wallets. To do so and be successful, you have to offer a unique solution proposition and, a unique, consistent and pleasant purchasing experience. When Dunkin Donuts first started out, many of their locations were in suburban areas. They promised it was – worth the trip!

Once you’ve attracted prospects with relatable imagery and, an embraceable narrative that defines or, is attractive to their emotional state, and offers a distinctive and rational differentiation between your offer and that of the competition – they’’re connected to their wallets!