Where Credit is Due

Ever wonder why some things cost what they do?  When it comes to producing a television commercial, cost is always a factor.  Why do television commercials cost what they do?

Locally, a thirty second commercial can range from $1200 to $7500 and up.  Nationally, it’s more than ten times that amount – why?  The next time you watch a movie or a television program checkout the list of names and titles rolling by at either the beginning or, especially at the end.

Credits right?  Well, yes and no.  Yes, they give credit to all of the talented and creative people who made what you watched.  But don’t think of that list of names as just the credits.  Think of it as payroll.  Here’s an example.

Once you see it from a payroll point of view, you may begin to understand why the movie or television program cost what it did.  Even a simple thirty second television commercial is no different.

The creative professionals involved may include one or more Videographers – the camera guys. Sometimes commercials are shot with more than one camera.

Then there’s there’s generally a Sound Tech and the Director and/or Producer.  As the classic television commercial used to shout – wait, there’s more!  After everything is recorded, it has to be edited by a Post Production Editor.

If the script calls for a voice over, a Voice Over artist  needs to be selected and hired.  Even the music has to be paid for whether it’s from a Music Library or Original Music.

On more complicated scripts, there are also the following: Production Assistant, Assistant Director, Post-Production Editor and, a Graphic Animator/Designer and a Post-Production Encoding Tech.  Sometimes, specialized production equipment or Post-Production facilities need to be rented for On-line and Off-Line HD,  Graphic Design and Animation.

Everything is billed at an hourly or Per Diem rate and does not include food, travel or lodging fees.  So, the simpler the script, the less it may cost.

That’s why Spectrum Marketing Group’s (starter) television commercial rates are offered as packages from the standard Pan & Scram stating at $999 to the Places & People and up to the Story Script package topping out at $4999.  Contact us today to discuss your next television commercial.




New Partnership Announcement – See It Now!

Spectrum Marketing Group is pleased to announce its joint venture with See It Now!  The South Coast based award-winning See It Now! video production company is a licensee of Aurasma an augmented reality app, one of the newest emerging mobile media platforms.

The new app runs on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  It uses advanced image and pattern recognition to blend the real-world with rich interactive virtual content such as videos and animations.

See It Now! is licensed to brand the augmented reality application as See It Now!AR.  The app adds to the production company’s full spectrum of affordable professional High Definition video production services. Partnering with See It Now! allows Spectrum Marketing Group the ability to offer more video production services at a whole new level.

Video is fast becoming the preferred medium for advertising, on-location business communication, internet and social media marketing.  It is moving to the forefront because of video producers such as See It Now! who deliver high production value products at affordable prices. 

Video increases the time browsing customers spend per visit on a business website.  Coupled with SEO and SEM, video products offer businesses the ability to know who’s watching, where and when.  This data reflects the level and efficacy of their promotional and communication efforts. 

Web video especially enables businesses to offer specific information and product demonstrations to website visitors who are around the corner or, on the other side of the globe.  The See It Now! partnership allows Spectrum Marketing Group to provide:

Broadcast VideoTelevision commercials

Web Video – Inform and communicate Service Reminders, Product Overviews, Announcements, Testimonials and much more.

Product Video – Tailored to specifically Introduce, Present and Demonstrate a broad range of products.

Corporate Video – Live & recorded Sales Training, Product Previews and Web Seminars.

Augmented Reality – The See It Now!AR smart phone application powered by Aurasma.

The free downloadable See It Now!AR app is currently available on the Android platform and is awaiting approval from from Apple. 

Spectrum Marketing Group is a multimedia marketing and consulting agency located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. 

The company’s team of professionals help business owners, corporations, civic and non-profit organizations to better leverage their marketing efforts with more opportunities to engage, entertain and inform using both off-line traditional and emerging online media.

Watch this video demonstration to explore the possibilities of Augmented Reality…

Getting to the Point!

It’s a more of a visual thing really.  It’s not about being literate or not.  This whole subject however, is still upsetting to many.  Even Groucho Marx  once said, “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

That was a long time ago.  Five years ago, the National Endowment for the Arts released a report that consolidated over 40 various studies on how young people in particular are reading far less than they did at the turn of the last century.

Less than half of all 13-year-olds read on a daily basis.  Over a twenty-year period ending in 2004, 20 percent of high school juniors and seniors stated they never read for pleasure.  And, over fifty percent of young college age adults don’t read for pleasure.

The 15 to 24 age-group spend almost three hours a day watching TV.  The same group only devotes  and 7 minutes to any reading.

Yes, this information is disturbing on so many levels.  But to business owners, marketers and advertising professionals, it poses a conundrum.  How do you circumvent the reality of this decline in reading without adding to the problem?

You can’t!  Steve Jobs said “…the fact is people don’t read anymore,” meaning that they prefer to do it online.   But, are they really reading or scanning.  Which are you doing right now?

ENTER VIDEO: More people watched web videos of cats than read the newspaper.  The KISSmetrics blog reports that, “viewers of a product video are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching.”

As marketing and advertising professionals, we are primarily called upon to solve our client’s problems.  With that solely in mind, we offer you our affordable, memorable and effective broadcast and web video services.  See what we can do for you – contact us today!

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Have you heard about augmented reality yet? If not you soon will. This new technology could have great implications for marketers, cities, educators and more.

Check out this demonstration at a TED Talk.



Check out the demo from Aurasma