Your business is using Social Media!

But, what is it?  What does it do?

Think of your own personal social circles and networks.

Yeah, it really is more about who you know rather than what you know isn’t it?  But, networks by definition and by comparison are larger than circles aren’t they.  You have a circle of friends and a network of acquaintances.

If your business utilizes Social Media as part of its marketing efforts; it might be a good idea to pause right now.  Are you really reaching friends with whom you have a dynamic (give and take) – you know, a relationship?

Customers aren’t just numbers.  If you think they are, you might as well advertise the old mass media way.  Creating “circles” with Social Media means more identifiable, one-to-one, relationships where you can share news, information and buying opportunities more selectively.

Selective equals effective.  Friends have friends. Friends share thoughts, experiences and opinions.

They associate with each other and, with you or your business.  These associations are based on their common interests, activities or needs.

The old American Express slogan – Membership has its privileges – kind of says it all!  Fred Flintstone was a member of the Royal Order of the Water Buffalo.

He and Barney and all of the other Lodge Number 26 members were there because of their “likeness” or, their commonality.  They, as individuals or, as a group also had the ability to “like” or not.

That ability is also shared by both your current or prospective customers.  Do your customer/friends’ experiences with your Social Media bring them to the Yabba, Dabba Do! level?

If your wondering what you’re doing or, how you’re doing when it comes to your Social Media efforts – contact us.