Website Redesign – Have a Purpose

One of my favorite projects is when we have a n opportunity to redesign an existing site and redetermine what the goals of the company website are.

There are many reasons why a website may need a redesign. Often it is just for looks, as a site may have been designed 5-10 years ago and looks very outdated and is no longer an adequate representation of the company and its offerings. Other times its is due to poor search engine rankings, and/or poor lead generation results. These are all aadequeate reasons for a redesign, and setting goals to fix these problems is the first step in the process.

A recent example, is a redesign we worked on for Avalon Medical Spa. The old site was not that outdated, but was limiting the owners from fully integrating all the social media avenues they were using and also was not generating as many leads as was hoped despite having good search engine results and high volume traffic. So what did we do?

Step One was to work closely with Avalon to make sure we were aware of all current marketing and social media. The site needed to integrate Pinterest, a brand new Google Tour, and include more specials and event updating. Also to make sure we have a concept that sticks with their branding efforts.

Step Two was to make sure this site had a quality CMS (content management system) like WordPress that would provide all needs for them to update, and post to social media, as well as give us the ability to leverage keywords via on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The site has recently been launched with a new look, updated content, and CTA (Calls To Action) on all pages to makes sure the site is engaging users to contact the Spa. This enables us to drive traffic to specific pages via our SEM efforts (Search Engine Marketing), so that once a shopper has searched for EXAMPLE: “laser hair removal”, their website shows up highly in search engine results, and the shopper then goes directly to a page about “laser hair removal”, and is prompted to contact the Spa immediately. See the new site here:

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By Jason Almeida

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