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Here are our  Real Estate Book Web Partners as of July 2013.

by Jason Almeida

CLick here for PDF:  TREB OL Partner Syndication List_6-21-13


TREB OL Partner Syndication List_6-21-13

Fairhaven MA Web Designer

Fairhaven MA Web Designer

Spectrum Marketing Group is a marketing agency specializing in Web Design located in New Bedford, MA. We create an online solution aligned w/ your marketing strategy, goals, needs and budget. What sets us apart from other web designers is our attention to detail, and the ability of our clients websites to rank highly on search engines and generate business. So if you are looking for a Fairhaven MA Web Designer, then look no further.

Content Management Systems

All of our websites come equipped with a content management system from WordPress. This means you avoid additional expenses by updating and making additions to your website by yourself. You can also maintain a news feed, calender of events, blog, videos, newsletter signup & more.


Need an eCommerce solution? No problem, our advanced programmers can help find and program the right eCommerce system for you. Turn your website into and income generator with professional design & the right software for your needs.

Strategic Content Writing and Editing

Content is king because content creates traffic. If you have trouble coming up with compelling content for your website you can work with our professional copywriter to write compelling content for your prospects and the search engines.

Video for the Web

Give your customers information in a fast engaging manner with online videos. No experience with video production? Don’t worry, our video production team can help guide you form concept and scriptwriting through taping, editing and delivery options.

Standard Operating Procedure

For every web design project we do we will also register it with the search engines, verify it with the search engines, install google analytics, Gzip your files, create an xml site map, create initial meta tags and meta descriptions.

Here’s what our customers are saying…

“We love the website and we’ve gotten quite a bit of traffic from it. We actually have people call and tell us they prefer our site over our corporate website. You guys did an excellent job!” Adecco – Dartmouth, MA

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Marketing Agency Providence RI

Marketing Agency Providence RI

Spectrum Marketing Group is a multimedia marketing and advertising agency. We serve clients throughout the country but primarily throughout the Southcoast of MA and the greater Providence RI markets. If you are looking for a marketing agency Providence RI then look no further.

Who? What? Where? Why?

Spectrum Marketing Group is a multimedia marketing and consulting agency located in New Bedford, MA. We are a team of professionals who help business owners, corporations, civic and non-profit organizations to better leverage their marketing efforts. We have built our business by filling the needs of organizations for effective, professional marketing assistance.

Core Services

If you are in need of some professional marketing assistance then please feel free to contact us to set up a complimentary consultation.

Tracking ROI on Social Media

Tracking ROI on Social Media

One of the challenges when helping a client implement social media into their marketing is to help provide a visible ROI on their efforts and investment. Small businesses can look at easy metrics such as increased fans, Twitter followers, click thru’s to their websites, etc. But this does not help truly watch increased sales, profits, or ROI. I recently came across a great article at that provides some insight and opportunities for SMB’s to track this social ROI.

Here is their article outlining some methods:

“But before small and midsize businesses (SMBs) embrace new advertising opportunities offered by Twitter or other social networking providers, they need to seriously consider how to go about measuring the ROI impact of specific social media ad investments. These days, it isn’t enough to tie ROI to “brand awareness” or generic sales fluctuations.

More than ever, SMBs need the ability to attach meaningful ROI metrics to specific social media ad investments.

SMBs can achieve granular ROI insights about the effectiveness of social media ad investments. By using a combination of online and offline strategies, marketers can gather valuable information about the ways social media users are interacting with the company’s online marketing content—as well as information about overall ad performance.

1. Unique local phone numbers

According to Harris Interactive, 77% of online adults want help from a person before making an online purchase. One of the easiest ways to offer such help while connecting ROI to specific social ad investments is to include a unique, local phone number directly in the social media ad.

By relying on a call-tracking solution, marketers can easily pinpoint the origin of a lead and attach ROI to each social ad campaign. When deployed in combination with robust, voice-based marketing automation tools, unique local numbers drive sales by enabling businesses to instantly respond to leads generated in the social space.

2. Landing pages

Landing pages are another way for marketers to benefit from unique local phone numbers. Rather than including the number directly in the ad, you can direct social media users to a dedicated landing page.

Clicks to landing pages can be monitored, and you can track offline conversions linked to the ad by adding unique, local numbers to page content.

In addition to ad-tracking benefits, landing pages provide an opportunity for displaying specific marketing content that can encourage conversion—offline and online.

3. Inquiry forms

The most common way to track conversion is with online inquiry forms. When users click on a social media ad, they are greeted with a request to complete a simple response form. Integration with a CRM system enables you to capture data for ROI calculations.

Moreover, the system can be integrated with voice-based marketing automation tools, triggering a rapid, voice-based response from the sales team—a critical component in ensuring timely lead response.

4. Tracking URLs

A tracking URL is essentially just a URL with a “tracking token” attached to it, enabling the brand to monitor the effectiveness of a specific page (e.g. a social media ad-based landing page). Using HubSpot’s URL builder or other simple tools, you can achieve visibility into the ROI of specific social media ads. Tracking URLs can be easily integrated into any standard analytics platforms.

5. Content downloads

Tracking e-book and whitepaper downloads—and other online content typically shared across social media—can also be effective in calculating the ROI of specific social media ads. Since downloads typically require the user to register or complete a Web-based form, user information is funneled into the company’s CRM, triggering sales-function mechanisms, including voice-based marketing automation tools.

* * *

Although the general absence of social media ROI metrics may be partially due to the lack of a clear social media strategy or a hesitation to identify social channel goals, many SMBs have ignored the ROI of social media ads simply because they haven’t had the right tools in their toolbox.

But by combining offline and online strategies, you can achieve greater clarity in the social space, generating insights that can be used to justify social channel expenditures—and maximize the impact of your brand’s marketing initiatives.”

If you would like to better utilize Social Media, integrate it with your website, and better utilize tracking methods, contact us to schedule a marketing review and develop a complete digital marketing plan. Reach us at 508-990-0438.

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