Changes to Facebook Business Pages

If your business has a presence on facebook you are probably aware that they are making some changes to facebook business pages and the presentation of these business pages. There are a few key things you should be aware of. Especially if you have customized your page already.

1. The new timelime theme will not support landing pages. You can still have and create custom tabs but we can no longer make it so that those are the first pages the visitor sees when visiting the page. Read more

3 Steps To Building Your Audience on Facebook

Most businesses are trying to build a presence on the powerful social network facebook. So, here’s three easy steps to start building your audience on facebook.

Step #1. Getting to 25 fans.

Getting to 25 fans is a significant milestone for a new page. Once you have done so you are eligable for a vanity url. Initially pages have a long name like which is hard to promote. Once you have reached 25 fans you can set up a shorter name like which is easier to promote, particuarly offline. Read more

Whats the Deal With Blogging?

What is a blog?

A blog is short for a web log. What a blog is can be different for everybody, but basically a blog is an online diary. How it is used depends on the user and the audience they are trying to reach.

Why do I need one?

If you own or manage a business and you are looking to increase your presence online then you need a blog. Search engines look for websites that have updated relevent information to serve up on their search results. The easiest way to do that is to incorporate a blog onto your website and update it with regularity. You need one to help position your website ahead of your competitors. If you don’t keep your website updated, the search engines will find it outdated.

How do I create one?

If you do not have any web programming experience then contact whom ever manages your website. They should be able to incorporate a blog onto your site. If they can not then it is time to find a new developer. There are many ways to create an offsite blog, that is a blog that is seperate from your website. Although this can be beneficial, you want the blog to be incorporated into your actual website for best results.

Will I have time to maintain this?

What I advise my clients is to try to add atleast one blog post per week. That means maybe an hour of time each week. If you can not budget in one hour per week look to have and employee help, invite guest bloggers or hire a copywriter to keep it updated for you. Our going rate for a blog post is about $10-$20

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your blog.

What makes a good blog post?

An effective, optimized blog post contains valuable information that your readers or target market can use. A good blog post can provide valuable information as well as position you and your company as an expert in the field. Remember, you have two audiences, your readers and the search engines.

  • When writing for the web be concise
  • Create a catchy title
  • Optimize keywords with credible links
  • Use images or video
  • Use bullets, italics and bold font
  • Site references, if any
  • Integrate keywords into post and title

For more tips on blogging or help on incorporating a blog into your website please feel free to contact us.