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Our roots are in the publishing industry. We publish several magazines from Cape Cod to Connecticut. We also print several other magazines for other publishers as well, acting as their print broker. Well, why use us a print broker? You could certainly save money by going direct to a printer right? Wrong.

Because we print over 150,000 magazines each and every month we get a substantial discount from from our printer which allows us to be very competitive with our pricing.

In fact if you were to go to our printer directly then you would pay between 10%-20% more than if you went through us. That is why more and more publishers and organizations are turning to us as their magazine printing company.

Some of the magazines we print

  • Monthly Magazines
  • Directory’s
  • Travel Guides
  • Programs guides

If you publish a magazine, pamphlets or catalogs then you owe it to your self to let us get you a quote. More often than not we can save you money.

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Print Collateral Design

Print Collateral Design

Looking to have some print collateral professionally designed? Click here to see our print collateral work.

Spectrum Marketing Group is a multimedia marketing and consulting agency located in New Bedford, MA serving clients all throughout New England and around the country. We specialize in branding, graphic design and print collateral design.

It is crucial for your business or organization to present a professional image that stands out and connects with your target audience. We can help you do just that.

We provide the following services…

Client Spotlight – Adecco

Adecco is a leader in recruiting and workforce solutions. The office in Dartmouth came to us several months back because they were frustrated with their website. It was too difficult to make changes, traffic was poor, and it did not reflect their professional image. They had some issues but also some fresh new ideas they wanted to incorporate into their new site. Read more

Search Engine Marketing Agency New Bedford MA

internet marketing agency new bedford maSearch Engine Marketing Agency New Bedford MA.

Search Engine Marketing is the process of getting your website to appear on page one of search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches. Search Engine Marketing is also referred to as keyword advertising or pay per click advertising. Spectrum Marketing Group is a multimedia marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Marketing.

We have undergone extensive training through Google. Since Google dominates the market place and all other search engines follow them, we pretty much focus on Google. We have also recently been accepted into the Google Engage Program for Agencies. Being a part of this program gives us great tools to stay on top of all the trends, receive extensive training and gives us dedicated support.

If you have invested time and money into your website then it’s time to get your website working for you. How to you turn your website into a money making machine? The answer is simple, first page rankings for the keywords prospects are using to look for your products or services. There are many ways to go about achieving this, some ethical and some not. Although we highly recommend a long term SEO strategy, sometimes there are just too many key terms out there and it can be too time consuming and costly to target them all through SEO at once. This is where pay per click advertising comes in.

Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click advertising is the quickest and easiest way to achieve those first page rankings for such key terms. However, the Google adwords program can be extremely challenging for most business owners to master. There are a lot of components to the system, different strategies, tracking methods etc.

This is why most businesses look to hire a Search Engine Marketing Agency like ours. Although you do pay a fee obviously to have us manage your campaigns for you, we end up saving you time, and money. Our fee can usually be paid for by the savings we will acheive for you. By working with a professional we can work to improve your quality score, eliminate unwanted keyword results and get you more traffic for your money.

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