Are Visitors to Your Website Looking or, Ready to Buy?

Most people, web browsing prospects especially, who are searching the web can be divided into two groups: Those Looking to Buy and Those Ready to Buy.  How can you tell which is which?

Those who are looking to buy have already committed themselves to finding a solution to a need, a want or a problem.  They may have no experience with a tried and true resource.  Or, they’re not happy with their current one.

Yes, these kind of prospects may be solely transactional types with no loyalty to any website or brick and mortar business.  They’re shopping on price alone.  If you have what they want for the price they’re willing to pay – you’ve got the sale   

web designers ma

One of our larger ecommerce sites!

looking to buy prospect can be converted into a relational type of customer if what they read or see or, experience on your website convinces them that they can count on you for selection, value and convenience they’ve been searching for.  

As for those prospects who are ready to buy, they’ve already made up their minds.  They’ve done their research. They know who has what they need for a price they want to pay and they’re ready to buy!  Is your business one of the finalists?

But, are they ready to buy from you?  It’s also possible that, they just transactional customers – they’re not looking for a relationship other than one based on price.  Then again, they may be looking for a relationship because they haven’t found or, don’t have any experience with a tried and true resource.  

If they do have a relationship they may have concluded that, due to more than one bad experience, there’s no longer a reason for them to be loyal.  Why? Because that source isn’t providing what they’re looking for at a price they want to pay – that’s a sale opportunity for you.

Is your website equipped to do ecommerce?  Does your website clearly present your business as the solution source?  Is it ready to convert the lookers into buyers?

Does it tell a story?  Not just a story about you, a story that speaks to them and their needs. How do you do that?

Create a great looking, easy to navigate ecommerce website. Tell lots of success stories about happy customers. Show and tell your product line.

Talk about the brands you carry or the vendors you represent with well-written and produced videos.  Offer convenience, great selection and lots of value.  Contact us and schedule a meeting to talk about how we can get you started attracting those lookers and how to best convert those who are ready to buy. 



What is Responsive Web Design?

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When we tell our clients that all the websites we build are now built with responsive design, we often get the same response. What is responsive web design?

Once upon a time web designers would build websites based upon what looked good on their massive screens.

Then when the amount of time spent searching the web on mobile devices rose to the level of desktop devices web developers started making mobile websites. If someone accessed your website from a mobile device it would redirect you to the mobile version of the website.

Now, instead of designing two different sites, we design websites with what is called responsive web design. What that means is you have one website that automatically formats to whatever screen size the user is on.

Think of every section or your website whether its a photo, text block, menu etc. as a block, if you are on a desktop site we can arrange a few of those blocks side by side, if you are on mobile we now stack those blocks.

Confused? Perhaps this graphic below will help make sense of it for you.

what is responsive web design

We hope this answered the question what is responsive web design?

If you are thinking about re-designing your website, make sure it is responsive. And maybe give us a shot at it. Check out our portfolio to see some of our work.

Web Development for Designers

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We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering web development services to designers. Some designers don’t want to get bogged down in the development process for a variety of reasons, and sometimes they just need a little extra help when the to do list gets too large.

If you are a graphic designer or web designer who needs some assistance in the development of your projects then please give us a chat to discuss.

Just send us your psd files…

You can just send us your psd files for your design and we will custom program them into a WordPress website for you. Development for these projects can be done for as little as $500 per site, depending on size and complexity of the website of course.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

Don’t want your clients to know who is programming your site? No worries we can work completely behind the scenes and your client will have no idea who is working your magic.

Why WordPress?

By using WordPress it allows us, you or your client to easily make updates and changes to their website. This is our Content management system of choice.

What have you done lately?

Want to see some of our web design projects? Take a look at this link which contains a partial list of some of our web development projects.

Spectrum Marketing Group Launches Website for Picard Tiling

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We recently completed a website for Picard Tiling co., of Fairhaven MA. Picard tiling has been providing professional tile installations throughout Southeastern MA and Rhode Island for over 30 years!

They previously did not have a website, but needed a way to showcase their work to potential clients and contractors. We wanted the website to be image heavy, after all who wants to read about how great you are at tiling, they want to see your work! We custom designed the site with some inspiration from the popular social media site pinterest.

Check it out, let us know what you think. If you or someone you know needs a new website, give us a call.

picard tiling website

Free ebook – How to Build An Effective Small Business Website

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Click on the link below to download our free ebook on how to build an effective small business website.

How to build an effective small business website.