Are You Guilty of Media Gratification?

Once upon a time any advertising that centered on the owner of a company was referred to as an egotisement.  Maybe it still is.

But any radio, television, print ad or website that features, promotes and stars the owner is usually bad on more than one level.  If that owner ever decides to sell that business – how can they?

They are the business!  Now, there’s nothing wrong with promoting yourself unless the end result is a cheesy, corny and annoying ad.

Auto dealers, and you know who you are, are the most obvious examples of media gratification.  And, it now seems that medical professionals are coming up as a close third just behind lawyers! 

Those of you out there promoting yourselves instead of your services or product are not really building the type of brand equity you think you are.  Do you really think that the consumers out there who are looking to buy or ready to buy are going to be impressed by your pomposity, shtick or bluster?

All they’re interested in is what your ad’s message or offer will do to solve their immediate problem or long-term need.  They’re not going to listen to what you have to say about yourself!

Your bad advertising message will only make your good product or service seem lees than it really is.  So, who’s the star of your show – you – or your products and services?

You may be the expert but customers buy based on their initial advertising impression and sales experience not on what expert says.  Avoid media gratification and remember what David Ogilvy, one of the best ad men ever, said: What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.

Want gratification?  Get it with advertising that is crafted to get positive attention with language and images that increase consumer’s interest and their desire to buy.  And, best of all, advertising that sends customers to your business!

Are You Listening?

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radioRadio Advertising

Radio is still the least intrusive medium and the most portable – there’s one in every car!  Yeah, sure, social media is portable but can be intrusive if you let it be.

There’s an old story that the pictures on radio are better because it employs the art of the Theater of the Mind.  We primarily write and produce three types of radio commercials at three different price levels.

Announcement Spots

The simplest and least expensive is the Announcement Style radio spot or, commercial.  It features a single announcer script with a music track and basic sound effects.  This style of spot is great for sales, events or announcements of any type.

Narrative Style

Our middle and still budget-friendly radio commercial is the Narrative Style.  The spot is written as a first-person story for a single narrator and up to two radio actor parts.  It also includes a music track and basic sound effects and is effective in creating an audio image or, signature of your business.

Scenic Style

The third package is a scenic style script that features up to three radio acting parts in a classic story setting (a science lab for example) with archetypical  characters (a mad scientist) and a single opening and closing announcer.

It is still an affordable choice and includes a music track and basic sound effects.  It offers you an opportunity to create a commercial that involves the listener in a mini-drama or comedy while featuring your product or service.

You’re still the one…

Radio advertising is still a valid choice to promote your business, product or service.  Nine out of ten people still listen to radio on a daily basis especially during the morning and evening “drive times” and nearly one out of four listeners access their favorite radio station or program on the internet.

There is, however, a lot more to advertising on radio than producing a great spot and correctly placing it within one or several day parts, in specific programs or adjacent (before or after) to popular programming that is more costly to advertise on.

Radio is the original, non-intrusive social media if correctly produced and programmed.  Talk to us about your radio advertising needs today!